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Frequently asked questions: Business loan

How much does a business loan cost at Qeld?

At Qeld you pay a fixed monthly fee each month for using the loan (user fee), plus a fixed monthly repayment on the outstanding loan amount (amortisation). Add the two amounts together and you have your total monthly payment.

The amount you pay monthly in fees and repayments is calculated based on the loan amount, the loan period, the company's credit score and other factors. Curious about what we can offer you? Simply submit an application and we will get started with a free quote for your business loan! Our quote is always personal - and more importantly, always without obligation! You decide whether you accept our offer or continue to look for suitable financing to realise your ambitions.

Why a fixed price for a business loan?

We prefer a fixed monthly price, because that way you know exactly what will be debited each month. You never have to worry about complicated interest rates or a sudden increase in your monthly costs. At Qeld , the monthly amount remains the same for the entire term of your business loan (unless you apply for a loan increase in the meantime and want to borrow extra credit).

Are there any hidden costs?

No. At Qeld we are completely transparent about our prices and conditions. At Qeld you pay a fixed monthly fee for using the loan and a standard monthly repayment. Add the two amounts together: this is the total monthly cost.

Qeld does not work with varying interest rates or hidden costs, only a fixed monthly cost and amortisation. This enables our Qeld customers to know exactly where they stand every month. Do you want to repay the loan early? This is also possible without extra costs. This way, you only pay for the period you actually need the loan! Smart!

Who can apply for a business loan?

All Dutch entrepreneurs, large and small, can apply for a loan from us, including BVs, NVs, VoFs, and ZZPs. The sole requirements are that the company is already registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (with a valid Chamber of Commerce number) and that the management of the company resides in the Netherlands. It does not matter in which sector the company is active, how long the company has existed or how many employees it has: Qeld assesses each application individually based on an advanced credit assessment.

We give all entrepreneurs a chance!

What does Qeld offer entrepreneurs? 

  • Business loans from € 1,000 to € 200,000
  • Applying for a loan is completely non-binding
  • No hidden costs
  • No start-up fees
  • Flexible loan term from 6 to 18 months
  • Repayable at any time without extra charge

When is the loan transferred to my account?

If the contract is signed digitally, we try to transfer the business loan the same day (if the credit application is approved and signed before 17:00).

Please note that transferring the loan does not mean that the amount is automatically visible in your account. We are dependent on banks and systems to process our payments. For most customers, the money is available in the account the next business day, but it may take a little longer to receive your funds due to the processing time of the bank.

Will you request/receive credit information about me?

Yes, in order to assess your loan application appropriately, we use credit information obtained from reputable credit rating agencies. This concerns credit information on both personal creditworthiness and that of the applicant's company.

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Qeld is founded by Emil Sunvisson, entrepreneur at heart. We are a loan agency for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Qeld is currently active in 7 markets (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Brazil and Belgium) and has already stimulated more than 25,000 companies. We help small entrepreneurs achieve big ambitions. From new equipment and company cars to inventory: we support all lending objectives. Our aim is to make business loans fast and accessible for all entrepreneurs. A fast and hassle-free business loan - that's a loan from Qeld!

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