Feedback and complaints

I have feedback and/or ideas on how you can improve the service

Qeld values the opinions of our customers, as we always strive to develop and improve our services and customer relationships. We want to know what you think and value feedback on how you experience our products, services and customer relationships. Your feedback will be reviewed and evaluated by the team responsible for the product or service in question. Would you like to share this feedback with us? Then please contact our customer service team at or telephone number 020 - 808 6084.

I am dissatisfied. How can I file a complaint?

If you are not satisfied, please contact Qeld customer service in the first instance using the contact details above to give us a chance to resolve any issues or misunderstandings. We strive to handle all complaints quickly, effectively and in a positive manner. We will also ensure that the concerns you have reported to us are also used as an opportunity to improve our products and services.

Where possible, we will attempt to resolve the issue during your initial contact with Qeld customer service. If this is not possible, or if you remain dissatisfied with the result provided, please take the steps below:

I have contacted customer service at Qeld, but remain dissatisfied. What should I do to move the matter forward?

Have you already contacted customer service and are not satisfied with Qeld's response? If so, you may file a formal complaint with Qeld 's complaint officer using this form or via email to The Complaints Officer will then, in an impartial, accurate and efficient manner, thoroughly review the case and make a new assessment.

Your case will be handled by us via internal escalation at your request, or directly if you choose to proceed with your case using the form or email address above. The written request must contain complete information about the case in order to be considered. The grievance officer should know what has happened in your previous dealings with us, a description of why you are not satisfied, and how you would like us to resolve your matter.

You will receive a response as soon as a final decision has been made, and no later than 14 business days after the filing of your formal complaint. If we cannot resolve your case within this time limit, we will contact you within 14 business days with information on why it is taking longer than expected, when a response can be expected, and how we will handle your complaint. In such a situation, a final decision will be communicated within 35 business days from the date the complaint is received by us.
You will always receive your response in writing, unless you and Qeld have agreed otherwise.

If your complaint is rejected by Qeld for any reason, or if Qeld has not been able to comply with your request, you have the option of submitting the matter to the courts for consideration.
Complaints will be handled in accordance with applicable law and the rules and guidelines of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the European Banking Authority.


If you have information about, or a reasonable suspicion of, a possible breach of law regarding Qeld or Qred AB (our parent company), please report it. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from Qred within 7 days. A designated, impartial Case Manager will then conduct a thorough investigation and contact you within 90 days of receiving the report to discuss the outcome of the investigation. Whistleblowing reports are confidential and are handled in full compliance with the European Union Whistleblowing Directives.

Click here to report a possible breach of law. The link opens in a new tab.

I have contacted your customer service, but I am still not satisfied with the handling. What should I do to take further steps?

The Company has appointed the Customer Operations Manager of Qeld as Complaints Officer. If you are dissatisfied with the response you have received from our customer service department, we encourage you to submit a request for action to Qeld 's Complaints Officer by email to The Complaints Officer will then review and reassess the matter in the most impartial, thorough and efficient manner possible.

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