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How do I get a business loan without annual figures or BKR? At Qeld it is possible to apply for a business loan without annual figures. We assess your application based on current financial information such as turnover and bank statements from the past 3 months. Even with a BKR registration you can qualify for a loan, provided you can prove that you have a stable turnover. For more information and a free application - Apply now!

What are the benefits of a business loan from Qeld?

We understand that getting financing as a business owner can be difficult. That's why we provide a personalized solution for your business. A business loan from Qeld is fast, flexible and easy.

  • Applying for a loan without annual figures takes just 1 minute.
  • Requesting a quote is free and without obligation.
  • Business loans between €1,000 and €500,000
  • There are no start-up costs, no hidden fees and no binding term - so you can repay your loan whenever you want!
  • Money within 24 hours - we pay you the same day.

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How do I get a business loan without annual figures or BKR?

As a small business owner, do you have a great idea to grow your business, but don't have annual figures to apply for a business loan? At Qeld , that's no problem! Whether you have a large or small business, we explain how you can easily get a business loan for your business, even without annual figures.

What can I use the business loan without annual figures for?

Not only does a business loan give you the opportunity to invest in new projects and innovations, it can also ensure constant cash flow and strengthen your bottom line. Moreover, taking out a business loan can help you build a positive credit history, which may allow you to get better terms and lower interest rates in the future. So don't let a lack of financial resources limit your entrepreneurial spirit. With a business loan, the future of your business is in good hands!

Can I apply for a business loan without annual figures?

At Qeld , we regularly get questions from entrepreneurs who want to apply for a business loan but don't have annual figures. Fortunately, you can apply for a business loan with us quickly and easily, even if you don't have annual figures!

How is an application without annual figures evaluated?

During our credit review, we look at your company's current financial information. Among other things, we look at the desired loan amount, turnover and creditworthiness of the company. Do you want your application to be processed faster? Then we recommend that you send us your bank statements for the past three months. This will give us a better picture of your company and you can receive the money in your account within 24 hours.

Business loan without BKR

At Qeld we look at any BKR registrations of entrepreneurs. Why. First, it is important to understand why lenders look at BKR registrations. A BKR review provides an insight into the financial situation of the business and the creditworthiness of the entrepreneur. This information allows lenders to determine whether the risk of providing a loan is acceptable.

Can I get a business loan with BKR registration?

‍ABKR registration doesn't always have to be negative. If a person has paid previous loans or credits, this is also visible to other lenders and is therefore seen as a positive registration.

Even if you have a negative BKR registration, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot get a loan. Both the type of registration and the date of the registration are included in the review.

To increase your chances, it is important to demonstrate your creditworthiness in other ways. For example, you can do this by demonstrating that you have stable sales. If you can demonstrate that you have a stable turnover, this can increase your chances of obtaining a loan. Sharing your bank statements can certainly help with this.

Furthermore, you can have BKR registrations provided with an end date by paying off outstanding debts. This will create more credit space for other lenders.

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1. What happens if my company cannot repay the loan?

If a company is struggling to repay the loan, it is essential to contact our customer service team immediately. Together we will find a solution. This can be through a payment plan, for example. The most important thing is open communication to avoid negative consequences.

2. How soon should the business loan be repaid?

The repayment period of a business loan can vary depending on the terms agreed upon. Our loans have a flexible repayment term, which means the business owner has more control over how and when the loan is repaid.

3. Are there alternatives to a business loan without annual or BKR?

Yes, there are alternatives to a business loan without annual figures or BKR. Entrepreneurs may consider attracting investors, using crowdfunding, or applying for grants from the government or other organizations. These alternatives can be a good option for businesses that have difficulty obtaining a traditional loan or for those looking for more flexible financing options.

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