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What are cookies?

A cookie (or web cookie) is a small text file stored on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other Internet-connected devices. A cookie is stored on the user's computer and can be used to maintain a technical link between the browser and the user's server or to store information about the last time a user visited the website. Cookies only contain information about your browser and the activity that took place through the browser, no clearly identifiable information about you (such as name, address, phone number, etc.). Qeld uses both session cookies and permanent cookies (session cookies are reset every time you leave the webpage. Permanent cookies are stored on your computer and make your next visit to the website more user-friendly). We also use other similar techniques such as pixel tags. These are technologies that can recognise cookies and other identifiers and allow third parties to place cookies on your device. A cookie may in some cases contain personal information. Our privacy policy contains more information about how Qeld processes your personal data.

What is the function and purpose of cookies?

Cookies are used for different purposes. Certain cookies are necessary in order to use the functions on Qeld's website. Usually cookies have the main purpose to improve the website for you as a visitor, so you can easily navigate and experience the website in a more user-friendly way.

Qeld uses cookies for various purposes, such as:

  • Provide you with access to various online functions.
  • Make the user experience easier and more intuitive by saving your selections and settings.
  • Collect statistics and other information needed to understand users' behaviour on the websites and improve our digital services.
  • To ensure that you do not need to log in again several times during the same web session.
  • To be able to offer you discounts or other offers relevant to you through marketing.

What cookies do we use?

We categorise the cookies we use as follows:
  • Functional Cookies (Cookies required for the service or product) - This type of cookie is required for the website to work and cannot be disabled in our systems. You can set your browser to block these cookies or to alert you to the use of these cookies, but this may result in parts of the website not working'.

All cookies necessary for the Qeld website are only used by Qeld and for Qeld's purposes. The shelf life of these cookies is 1 year after your last visit.

  • Performance cookies/analytical cookies - This type of cookie allows us to measure visitor numbers and online traffic so that we can analyse and improve the use of the website. These cookies inform us about the popularity of our various pages and how visitors navigate the website. This helps us to understand where our users are coming from, which means we can tailor features accordingly. If you reject this type of cookie, no user-specific information related to website performance will be stored. You can choose not to allow cookies in this category. Examples of data collected: which pages you visit and/or how much time you spend on the page, what type of device you use, how long it took to load a page and from which country you browse.
Our performance cookies are used by Qeld, but also by third parties such as:  
  • Hotjar AB, read its privacy policy here.
  • Google Analytics, read its privacy policy here.
  • Google Tag Manager, read its privacy policy here.
  • Auth0, read its privacy policy here.
Qeld uses performance cookies only for its own purposes and not for the purposes of third parties (they are also not shared for the purposes of third parties). The retention period for these cookies is 3 years.
  • Marketing cookies - This type of cookie is used by our marketing partners to create a profile of your interests and display relevant ads on other websites. These cookies are based on a unique identifier of your browser and browser. If you do not allow this type of cookie, you will see less targeted marketing. You can choose not to allow this type of cookie.

The marketing cookies on our website are used by Qeld. All cookies for targeted marketing are determined by Qeld and may also be used by third parties. The third parties that may use these cookies are:
  • Google Tag Manager, read its privacy policy here.
  • Google Ads, read its privacy policy here.
  • Facebook, read its privacy policy here.
  • Microsoft Ads, read its privacy policy here.
  • LinkedIn, read its privacy policy here.
  • Adtraction, read its privacy policy here.
  • Schibsted Ad Market, read its privacy here.

Qeld uses cookies for marketing purposes and may also share these cookies for third party purposes. The retention period for these cookies is 1 year from your last visit.

How can you control the use of cookies on the website?

The possible cookie settings that you can select vary from browser to browser. These are examples of settings that can be selected:
  • Disable cookies completely.
  • Each time a cookie is stored on your device, you must give your consent (this means that you will be asked to approve the cookies each time you visit).
  • Choose to disable third-party cookies (see above), but allow cookies from the website owners.
  • Choose to automatically accept cookies from websites you have marked as safe. For other websites, you can choose to disable cookies completely or to have to grant permission each time you visit.

Please consult the website of your browser (Safari/Chrome/etc.) for further instructions on how to deal with cookies. We recommend that you allow all cookies. If cookies are disabled, the user experience on the website will be significantly worse and you will not be able to sign up to use our services.

Contact us

Qeld is responsible(personal data manager) for processing your personal data as described above.
Qeld has a data protection officer who works with data protection and privacy, as well as a customer team that handles your case if you need to contact us regarding data protection and privacy. You can always reach us at

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