Every company needs help from time to time

As entrepreneurs, we know exactly how difficult cooperation with large banks can be. That is precisely why we wanted to offer a more flexible, faster and easier alternative to business loans for SMEs.

From small start-ups to large multinationals: Qeld offers a flexible loan for all forms of enterprise!

Kvalitetsfog i Stockholm, kunder till Qred
Thanks to Qeld, we were able to lease our company car and pay salaries

-Joakim & Erik, Contractors

Qeld sent me an attractive offer for a business loan the same day

-Kenny, Restaurant Owner

Robban på Kaffebaren, kund till Qred
Qeld helped my business and I to stay afloat during a difficult period

-Robert, Cafe owner

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Qred (the parent company of Qeld) was born in Stockholm with a mission to improve the banking experience of small businesses and put the needs of the customer first.


Qred expands into the Finnish market and opens offices in both Helsinki and Latvia.


Qred opens its doors on the Danish market.


Qred is entering the Dutch market under the trade name Qeld.


Qred introduces its invoicing service - Qred Factoring - in Sweden. Qred also starts business operations in Brazil.


Qred is launched in Belgium and the Financial Times names Qred in the top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe.


Qred launches its credit card for entrepreneurs and the accompanying app in Sweden and Finland.

The Story of Qeld

Once upon a time, there was an enthusiastic young entrepreneur. He dreamed of starting a business. It was completely new, unknown and exciting territory. To begin with, he would have to have a bank account where he could deposit his hard-earned capital. The entrepreneur proudly went to the nearest bank to announce that he was going to open an account for his business and that he wanted to deposit €10,000 into it right away.

With great enthusiasm, the entrepreneur was telling the branch about his business plans, but the loyal banker suddenly asked why he had chosen to visit his bank. The entrepreneur found this a bit of a strange question, especially since the bank had been named "commercial bank of the year" in Sweden the year before, but anyway, the entrepreneur replied that he thought the bank could provide a good service for his business.

After a 15-minute conversation, the entrepreneur was informed that the bank did not think his idea was good enough and that he could not be approved as a customer. That message felt as if a bucket of ice water had been thrown over him. How could that be possible? He didn't even want to borrow €10,000; he wanted to deposit it in the bank. Maybe he was not an entrepreneur at all. Maybe the bank teller was right... Fortunately, he did not give up and found another bank. One that understood much more. This young man was me...

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