What is the interest rate for the business loan?

Interest rate business loan: Qeld chooses interest rate by risk

At Qeld we regularly get the question: 'What is the interest rate for a business loan?' The answer: 'We work with interest by risk.' This means that we try to make a personalised offer for every entrepreneur (and business loan application), so that we can offer the most favourable rate based on your circumstances. What is the same for every business loan is that you always pay the same fixed monthly rate.

Qeld does not work with variable interest rates or complicated payment plans, because we want to keep business loans simple. At Qeld you pay a fixed monthly charge (interest business loan) for using the business loan, plus a standard repayment on the loan amount (amortisation). These monthly usage costs (interest business loan) and the repayment (amortisation) are the same every month, so our customers know exactly what the costs are each term.

We also give our customers the option to repay the business loan in full at any time, with no additional fees or penalties. No binding term: so you can choose how long you use the loan. The sooner you repay it, the more advantageous business loans become at Qeld !

Interest rate business loan: how are the costs calculated?

Our fixed monthly user fee, our form of interest, is based on a company's individual credit score. This score is based on a company's comprehensive credit assessment. Please note that we cannot calculate the interest rate for a business loan until we have registered an application.

Curious about what your business loan would cost? At Qeld , requesting a quote is always free of charge and 100% non-binding, so find out today and submit your application via the 'Apply now' button or our homepage!

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