What is Qeld?

Qeld in brief

Qeld is the Dutch division of Qred: the expert in business loans. Qred is a Swedish company, founded in 2015, with a clear goal: to make financing for entrepreneurs easier, faster and more flexible. We love small entrepreneurs and offer them the chance to grow, invest and increase their profit potential. 

How do we do this? By providing flexible business loans that can be repaid at any time. This means that an entrepreneur only pays for the period he or she actually needs the loan. Qeld offers business loans from € 1000 to € 200.000, without start-up costs or hassle.

How does applying for a loan with Qeld work?

Our goal of making business loans easier, faster and more flexible is what drives our processes. For example, entrepreneurs can submit a loan application through our website in as little as one minute. Our team will then carry out the necessary credit checks and contact you within an hour to discuss the application.

Is your creditworthiness in order? Then you'll receive a personalised offer that can be signed digitally with iDIN. When digitally signed, we transfer the loan amount the same day. Fast, simple and safe.

How much does a business loan cost?

Qeld has no standard rates but instead assesses each credit application individually. This means that each entrepreneur receives a personalised offer.

At Qeld, you pay a fixed monthly price for using the loan, plus a fixed repayment amount. This way, you know exactly what you are paying every month for your business loan, without hidden costs or complicated interest rates.

Why Qeld?

Small business owners often find it difficult to arrange financing through traditional banks. They are turned down because the loan amount is too low or they have to deal with a process that takes weeks. Therefore, Qeld is the smart solution for ambitious entrepreneurs: flexible financing for small business owners, in your bank account within one working day.

We have invested in a modern online system that is completely independent of expensive offices and manual steps. By analysing data from hundreds of sources, we can assess an application immediately and act quickly. No other company grants and disburses business loans faster than Qeld. Our team is also service-oriented and makes business lending easy to understand.

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