What are the costs associated with Qeld's loans?

Qeld does not have a standard interest fee, instead, we make individual assessments for each company - offering them a personalized quote that best matches their needs. Qeld does offer full transparency and easy-to-understand loan terms. For example, we have no start-up costs, hidden fees and don't work with lock-in periods. Instead, customers have the option to repay the loan in full at any time, giving entrepreneurs the option to remain in control of their finances.

So, what do our customers pay monthly? We charge a standard service fee for our loans (based on loan term, individual credit rating and amount), combined with a standard amortisation fee. Combine the two (service + amortization) and those are the standard monthly payments, without unexpected surprises. Clear, easy and transparent: that is why savvy entrepreneurs choose Qeld for business loans and financing. 

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