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Are you looking for a business loan urgently? When you agree to our no-obligation quote, we will transfer the business loan to you the same business day!

Transparent costs

We don't work with complicated interest rates! At Qeld you pay the same amount each month in user fees and repayment. Clear and convenient!

Flexible duration

Our business loan has no binding term. This means that, at any time, you retain the choice to repay the loan in full.

We have the most satisfied customers!

Qeld helped me to keep my head above water during a difficult period.

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Thanks to Qeld, we were able to lease our company car and pay our salaries.

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Here's how Qeld makes applying for business loans easy

Customer satisfaction  

Our customers rate us a 4.8onTrustpilot! The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, therefore our team always tries to find the best solution for your business. We like to help you invest in your future, because when you do well, we do well!

Business loan without variable interest rate

Borrowing money business? Qeld helps and makes it simple and easy! We don't believe in hassle and prefer to keep things simple and straightforward. That's why we don't work with interest rate changes, but only with fixed monthly fees and a fixed monthly repayment. That way you know exactly what business borrowing costs each month, with no surprises. Fine!

Non-binding loan term

Our flexible business loans have a loan period of 6 to 18 months, but no binding term. This means that you have the chance to pay off the loan without penalty at any time. This gives you maximum flexibility and you only pay for the period you actually need the loan.

Loans paid out on the same day

Do you agree to our business money loan quote and sign digitally before 5 p.m.? Then we will transfer the money to you the same day! This means that, in most cases, you will have the money in your business bank account within 24 hours . So you can quickly invest in the future of your business thanks to Qeld .

Frequently asked questions

How much does a business loan cost?

At Qeld, we don't work with standard interest rates or price lists, because no two businesses are the same. That's why we always make you a personal offer with a personal interest rate. This offer is a fixed monthly price consisting of two parts: user fees and repayment.

That way you know in advance exactly what borrowing money business via Qeld will cost you monthly.

What interest rate will I pay for the business loan?

We work with interest rate by risk. Specifically, this means that we try to make a personalized offer for each business owner and application, so that we can offer the most favorable interest rate based on your circumstances. What is the same for every business loan, however, is that you always pay a fixed monthly rate. At Qeld you can borrow business money without hassle!

What interest rates do you charge?

Our fixed monthly user fee, our form of a fixed interest rate, is based on a company's individual credit score. This score is based on several factors and is determined based on an advanced credit assessment of your business. Please note that we cannot calculate the interest rate for a business loan until we have registered your loan application for money loan business.

Is your cost calculation for my business loan 100% non-binding?

Yes, our business money loan quote is always 100% no obligation. Curious about what the cost of your business loan would be? Find out today what rates we can offer you and submit your business loan application to Qeld! Want to borrow money business urgent? Our team will get right to work on a credit assessment and get back to you soon to discuss your business loan options.


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